Mage Tower Studios Inc. has been in the game development business about a year, but we have many years of experience in the game industry. Each of our lead developers has over six years of experience in game development, both on consoles and the PC. The artists all have more than seven years of experience in the industry. As a company we are committed to developing highest quality products possible, and to deliver them on time.

Our team has developed for many companies in the past. We have developed games on the PC, Gameboy Color, Playstation, SNES, SEGA Genesis, and SEGA 32X. We know how to get the game done and we have an excellent grasp on how long it will take to get a project completed.

In the future we would like to develop a mixture of titles from different game genres. We enjoy developing high action pack, strategy simulation, and role-playing games, since we feel these are the genres where we have the most experience and creativity. However, we are very versatile and have designed and developed other genres of games as well.

While we know we can make a great action game, a great strategy simulation or a great role-playing game, we understand these titles usually takes more time and money, which means more risk. Currently, our plan is to create smaller, highly creative and additive games so publishers will know that we can design and make a great game. Once we have established an excellent track record, we feel we will be better able to demonstrate our talents and capability to tackle larger projects.


2D Technology

In the PC realm, we have a 2D engine that is well suited to any 2D based game. We can make almost any 2D game fairly quickly using our 2D engine. Using this engine we have already released one title, developed several tools, and a number of prototypes. On some projects, we have trimmed the production time by fifty percent. We are continuously upgrading this engine, and our next upgrade will incorporate many features designed to simplify development of strategy simulation and role-playing games. In the past, we have developed a robust 2D Isometric engine that has been used in many titles.

3D Technology

In the 3D realm we have a simple 3D engine that is capable of doing most arcade style games like Frogger and Centipede. We are planning to expand our 3D technology so that we will be able to do build complex levels, do efficient triangle culling, and handle larger worlds. In order to accomplish this, we will draw on our previous experience in writing similar engines used on other games.

Gameboy Technology

In the Gameboy Color realm, we have completed two titles and assisted in the completion of three others. We have the ability to do almost any type of game that is designed for the Gameboy, including link play and dual mode color and b/w games. With the experience we have already gained doing Gameboy development, we have tools and engines to develop different types of games, including an advanced sprite driver capable of handling thousands of characters of sprite animations, an eight directional scrollable world engine, and a digitized sound driver.


In the short time that Mage Tower Studios has been in the game development industry we have shipped four titles. In addition, we have been asked to assist other developers, and have helped them complete six other titles.

Titles released for Christmas

Christina Aguilera Follow Your Dreams (PC) - Simon & Schuster
This PC product was completed in 3 months. This was written from scratch using the Magic Engine. This title is completed.

MLS Gamenight (Sony Playstation) - Konami
This title was mainly a port.  Had to reverse engineer the sound database and reworked the entire sound engine for the game.  This was done in 10 week.

Other Released Titles

Harley Davidson : Race Across America (Color Gameboy) - WizardWorks
Updated our Sprite Engine for this title and handle all the User Interface and Victory/Defeat screens.  This only took us about 5 weeks using our User Interface engine and sprite engine.

Test Drives Cycles (Color Gameboy) - Infogrames
Created the sprite engine for the game plus the entire game User Interfaces and Victory/Deafeat screens.  This was completed in about 6 weeks using our Gameboy User Interface Engine.

Super Scattergories (PC) - Hasbro Interactive
This PC product was completed in 6 months. This was written from scratch. We own the engine we used to develop this title. This is a CD-ROM title.

Bill Bob's Huntin' 'n Fishin' (Color Gameboy) - Midway
Bill Bob's Huntin' 'n Fishin' is a title aimed at the new mass market. This title was develop from scratch in 5 months. It is a Color Gameboy only title.

Chessmaster (Color/Black&White Gameboy) - Mindscape
Chessmaster was a port of the original Chessmaster for the Black and White Gameboy. We also added Link play, which is extremely difficult. Most developer will not develop link play due to the complexity of the task. This project was complete in 5 months.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf
We created a UI engine and programmed the UI for this product.

Test Drive VI (Color Gameboy) - Infogram
Our UI engine was used in this product and we also did UI enhancement and programming for this project.

Test Drive Off Road (Color Gameboy) - Infogram
Our UI engine was used in this product and we assisted them in making enhancements to our UI for this project.